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In Northern Kenya, there are schools located in Baringo County that have long been and unfortunately still continue to be struggling to provide basic education to its students. The schools have limited resources and lack proper infrastructure, including classrooms, furniture, and textbooks. Additionally, the community have also been facing water scarcity issues, which have severely impacted the students’ health and academic performance.

Fortunately, at Evergreen we often-bring tourists to the area. We partner with a local NGO (Help Mission Development Services – HMDS) which also partners with a Danish NGO, and they work together to help the children and community in the best way they can and try make them sustainable too. Both NGOs with their work, also invest into the schools by providing a significant relief fund, scholarships, and a borehole project to address the water scarcity issues.

The relief fund allows the schools to purchase new textbooks, desks, and chairs for the students, as well as renovate and build additional classrooms. The scholarships enables bright but needy students to attend the schools without any financial burden, and the borehole project ensures the students and the community have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Our contribution does not end there. With the help of HMDS, we have started a community initiative where the tourists would volunteer their time to teach and mentor the students. This initiative enables the students to interact with people from different cultures and exposes them to a broader world beyond their village.

The relief fund and scholarships have played a tremendous impact on the students’ academic performance. The borehole project not only provided clean water but also reduced the time and effort required to collect water, allowing the students to focus on their studies. The tourists who volunteer their time at the school return home with a renewed sense of purpose and appreciation for the difference they could make in the world.

The schools in result to this have transformed into a vibrant learning institution, attracting more students who previously had to travel long distances to attend school. The scholarships enabled more children to access education, and the borehole project addressed the area’s water scarcity issue. These CSR efforts had a significant impact on the schools and the community, making a positive difference that will last for generations.

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